I ensure that all my clients are more than satisfied with my work, and as a result many of the independent author clients come back to me with second and third books. I have also worked for a few self-publishing houses who all stand by the work I’ve done for them…

“I have known and worked with Sheena Carnie for some 18 years. It started in 2000 with the first of many articles I have had published in the Flyfishing magazine with Sheena as the editor. However, it was in 2007 when I needed someone to proof read and edit the copy for my book, Call of the Stream, that she showed her true worth. I worked closely with her throughout the process up to the point that the book was ready to be sent to the printers. Her input was invaluable in ensuring that the manuscript was nothing short of perfect in spelling, grammar and, in some areas, word choice. Sheena, with her pleasant friendly disposition, was meticulous in her approach, always timeous at meeting deadlines and ready to offer sound, well researched advice when she considered it necessary. In short, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Sheena’s services again and without reservation can recommend her to anyone else that may need the services of a competent proof reader and editor.”
Peter Brigg, author of Call of the Stream

“I run a service for novel translations from German to English, and Sheena has been my editor from the beginning. She is meticulous, reliable, always answers emails in a timely manner, asks the right number of questions, gives valuable feedback, and is very polite and friendly. She respects the authors’ and the translators’ work and never imposes her own style on the books. I am very happy that I found her and highly recommend her work. ”
Miriam Neidhardt,

“As a novice I wrote a novel about Africa.  I am a passionate person and  this work was as much a  reflection of my African experiences as it was a fictional story . I wanted an editor who felt the same way about my book and Africa as I. I found that in Sheena. No-one likes seeing their work being reduced to a mass of tracking corrections and coming from a  senior position in the corporate world , I was quite used to getting my own way, even when I may not have been right on the button. Sheena handled this side with great aplomb and her tenacity in providing the reader with greater clarity is commendable. I am most satisfied with the end result. Her word choice, spelling and grammar is exceptional. The story still moves me no matter how often I read it and I thank you Sheena for allowing that to BE.”
Andy Allman, author of Spot Engelton Tales

“Sheena Carnie edited my book Footsteps and Shoes in 2020. Her contribution to the project was to advise on layout, design, language use, and understanding of the author’s intent, proof reading and editing. The book is 236 pages with over thirty five thousand words. Sheena conducted herself professionally and offered on time service with the highest quality editing expertise. Her application of reason, common sense and focused attitude made her the perfect choice for the task. She met all deadlines and there was never miscommunication of expectations and outputs. She delivered as promised and never over promised. Her offering can be considered very cost effective, bordering on a bargain for the quality of her work. I will surely consider her first for future publications and gladly recommend her for the services she renders.”
Dr Gaster Sharpley, author of Footsteps and Shoes

“Kwarts Publishers was established in 2011 and we provide book publication and production services to independent authors. We have worked with Sheena Carnie numerous times over the past years, and we have built up an excellent working relationship with her. She has proven herself to be a highly capable editor with an outstanding work ethic. She is most reliable and hard-working and holds herself accountable to very high standards.  It is a pleasure to do business with Sheena and we can recommend her editing and proofreading services with the greatest of confidence.”  
Anita Stander, owner of Kwarts Publishers

“I would highly recommend Sheena as an editor. She worked with me closely to ensure my book, Awareness Effect, was ready for publishing. She is patient, thorough, dependable and professional at all times. I was fortunate to have her as my editor, especially since this was my first book and I required extensive assistance. She went far beyond what I could have imagined, and made the process of writing, finalising and publishing the book more effortless than it could have been. Her expertise, her reliability and her partnership as an editor during the book writing process has been outstanding. Thank you, Sheena, with much gratitude.”
Lerato Gunguluza, author The Awareness Effect

“It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the freelance editing services of Sheena Carnie. I have always selected Sheena as my go-to editor for most of my books and have always been more than completely satisfied with her performance. Not only does she deliver an excellent service, meets deadlines and always punctual, she takes a personal interest in my authors and I have developed a personal relationship with her. She is always looking to improve her service in order to give the client the best experience.”
Barbara Mueller, owner director of New Voices Publishing Services

“Sheena Carnie has been a freelance editor for BK Publishing for over a year now, and we are always happy with her work. She is a pleasure to work with, and always makes sure to take the requests of the author into account and meets any deadline we set.”
Micaela de Freitas, Publishing Coordinator at BK Publishing

“I used Mrs Carnie’s services to proofread and edit a trilogy I have written, The Baobab Tree. She proved to be most thorough, finding errors and improving the text and compiling a commentary for each novel pointing to issues I should consider. I would recommend her to anyone who needs text proofread, carefully evaluated, and polished.”
Terry Taylor, author of The Baobab Tree trilogy

“I find your expertise for religious edits in particular invaluable and have come to rely on it.”
Sally Veenan, Reach Publishers

“Sheena is very accurate, precise and a pleasure to deal with. Her work was of such a high standard that I will be employing her to edit my next novel as well. ”
Garth Brook, author of Vanilla

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